Title(s): CanCh. Registered Name: Bodhran Cisitalia Call Name: Talia
DOB: February 8, 2006 Registration: CKC #SC083230 AKC DNA Profile: #
Sire: Ch Neverlasting's Forever More (Beamish)

Talia gets her Canadian championship!

Dam: Traboh's Fellowship
Coefficient of Inbreeding: ? for ? generations
Height: 17.5 inches
Weight: 30 pounds
HD rating: hips: OVC #0037048 - pass
PRA rating: clear
Siblings: Bodhran Cooper Climax Enzo (Cooper)
Progeny: .
parents gparents ggparents gggparents
DkCh Danterri Wheaten Beacan
DkCh Danterri Wheaten Kris
Newkilber Sweet Charity
Choroschie Drusja's Humphrey Bogart
AuSwLuxBeGerNlDenIntCh Danterri Wheaten Man About Town
DkLuxIntCh Danterri Wheaten Rebel's Larrissa
DkNlDIntCh Wheaten Rebel's Bagheera Lass
Ch Never Lasting's Forever More
DkCh Lenter Wheaten Bali-Tiger
AuSwLuxBeGerNlDenIntCh Danterri Wheaten Man About Town
DkLuxMonIntCh Danterri Wheaten Grainne
GeSwDkLuxIntCh Wheaten Rebel's Kiki Dee
IntuCh Newkilber The Quiet Man
DkNlDIntCh Wheaten Rebel's Victory's Victory
IntDkLuxCh Wheaten Rebel's Aireen
CanCh Bodhran Cisitalia
DkCh Danterri Wheaten Kris
AmCh Wheaten Rebel's Odessa File
IntDDkNedCh Wheaten Rebel's Bagheera Lass
Bodhran's Finbar of Earlecroft
CanCh Wheaten Rebel's Tagarach Rath
Earlecroft's Vidal
Briankeen Sorcha
Traboh's Fellowship
Holmenocks Hicklam
Crionna Brugh Na Boinne
Macalla O'Meav Brugh Na Boinne
Curran Cassiday V.D.Keienhorst
Handsome Meabm Brugh Na Boinne
Fiona Finnin Brugh Na Boinne
Breeder(s): Elizabeth Eickmeier
Ontario, Canada



Owner(s): Elizabeth Eickmeier
Ontario, Canada
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